How to fix error 50 on Mac?

How to fix error 50 on Mac?

Despite the user-friendly interface and features of Mac, individuals often encounter an error and alert message notifications out of the blue. One common error is Mac error code 50. This error happens when an individual attempts to delete, copy, or move files from the external hard drive. If ever you encounter this issue, consider the steps how to solve Error -50 on Mac described below or you can also visit link

Step 1: Check your Mac’s drive with the feature of Disk Utility

To check whether the formatting of your drive is working properly or not, use the Disk Utility to accomplish a verification routine on the particular storage drive that has the file:

  • Search for Disk Utility using Spotlight.
  • Open the Disk Utility sidebar.
  • Choose Volume > First Aid tab.
  • Click on the Verify Disk.
  • If errors persist, click on the Repair button to have them fixed.

Step 2: Eject the drive and again plug it

This is the simplest approach that you can take. Simply eject the drive and unplug it. After that, you will be asked to restart the device and plug the drive again. If you notice that it is growing, manage the file you are trying to work with.

Step 3: Rename the file

Want a quick resolution? Try to rename the file and rename like “file.txt”. Then, move or delete the file using the feature OS X Finder.

Step 4: Change the power settings of your device

In case none of the step works, consider changing the power settings:

  • Go to the System Preferences and choose Energy Saver
  • Check the box in which message appears to plug the hard disk
  • Click on Ok button

Step 5: Install and Run OutbyteMacRepair

There are software tools that are designed to enhance your Mac’s performance by exhausting trash cans and deleting unwanted files from certain locations. Outbyte MacRepair is one of them and installs it and get rid of the file that you are trying to delete.

Step 6: Copy the file using the terminal.

If you don’t want to delete the file, but rather move it. Here’s what you should do:

  • Press Shift + Command + U to open the terminal window.
  • Drag and drop the diskutil list command and choose the return option

Contact Mac’s Customer Support team.

If you are not assured with your troubleshooting steps, do not be hopeless because Mac has a customer support team who is willing to help you. Our experts are available 24*7 or 365 days for the help of the customer.

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