Some Troubling Statistics that reveals Survey of ANTHEM Player

Some Troubling Statistics that reveals Survey of ANTHEM Player

A Couple of months ago the ANTHEM launched but previously it feels like that the game has completely fallen off a cliff. BioWare’s looter shooters are unsuccessful in finding any kind of momentum post-launch, partly because it was hit with a periodic barrage of bad press. The title no longer marks it onto the top 40 of the UK charts, and it hardly fixes a few hundred viewers at any time on the streaming website Twitch. Obviously, these metrics aren’t really indicators of the game’s success, but there’s no smoke without fire.

The online-only release, ANTHEM dies and lives by its active player base, and goes in a depth survey that Reddit User syntax The Great to put together is especially right.

The surveys of the pooled responses are from 1000 Reddit users, and the results are disapproving. 98.4% of people understood that they’d played ANTHEM for an hour, but 53% say that they’ve totally quit the game. What’s additional, 28% say that they’re either quitting it very soon, or they’re thinking to quit in their mind. And remember, one thing that this survey is based a hard-core ANTHEM community — if they’re not into the ANTHEM at this point, then it’s like that the less committed players are there.

The troubling survey results don’t ever stop conversely. When asked about the future of the ANTHEM, 79% said that it’s concerned, and it’s not looking good at all, and horrible.

It’s very difficult to say what the upcoming holds for ANTHEM. We’ve said this previously, but convincingly, it’s going to take nothing short of a miracle from BioWare to set the game straightforward. Whether the developer will be given the resources or the time to do so, however, leftovers to be seen.

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